Linnaeus Arboretum

What is Natural?

Blend of natural and unatural You’ll find a lot of references in our recent issue of the Twinflower newsletter and Arb Sightings blog to plants that are either “supposed to be here” or “not supposed to be here.” We in the natural resources world do that a lot.  We do it with plants, animals, and pretty much […]

List of Invasive Minnesota Plant Species Continues to Grow

Wild parsnip There are a couple of new, troublesome, plant species that have emerged on the scene in Minnesota recently.  Unfortunately, they are just the latest in a long and growing list of such plants. We humans have been introducing plant species to new parts of the world for quite a while, to the point […]

Coneflower Prairie & City Roadwork Update

The new St. Peter High School and accompanying road projects are reshaping the perimeter of the Coneflower Prairie.  City of St. Peter Public Works has already installed a new water main on the prairie side of Gardner Road, and will be doing extensive work beginning this spring. Plans call for a rounding of the corner […]

Students explore ecosystems of the Arboretum

Earlier this week, students in a new interdisciplinary course, Digging In, ventured to the Arboretum to explore the various ecosystems reflective of the Minnesota and Midwest region. Taught by Professors Cindy Johnson and Becky Fremo, students had the opportunity to apply what they learned in the classroom to an outdoor, hands-on experience. The students visited […]

Borgeson Cabin Work Slated for this Summer

Both Arboretum and advancement office staff are pleased to announce that the fundraising goal for the Borgeson Cabin restoration project was met this winter, and work on the cabin is slated to occur this summer. The much-needed structural restoration work will involve measures such as replacing rotten wood, fixing gaps and holes, stabilizing shifting walls, […]

Fall yardwork stirs up hornet’s nest

This large papery nest was found this fall, and was constructed by a colony of hornets     Most people don’t take kindly to finding wasp nests around their yard, but I find that they make for a convenient excuse for going in the house, pouring a nice glass of iced tea, and watching the […]

Accipiters shake things up at winter gatherings

A sharp-shinned hawk waits patiently by the Arboretum birdfeeders recently   Oh, the stress of being a good holiday host. It’s so hard for a host to relax when there are so many things to worry about:  Will my guests find the place alright? Will they like the food I am serving? Will they be […]

Don’t get burned by Wild Parsnip

Wild Parsnip (Pastinaca sativa) grows wild in a variety of areas, like this road ditch Well, it’s that time of year again. The time when the increase in temperature is accompanied by a corresponding decrease in your neighbor’s yardwork attire. If you are fortunate, you have the sort of neighbor who looks good in less […]

Happy Groundhog Day!

Having entered the doldrums of winter, it is now, more than ever, that we need a holiday to bolster our spirits. Thank goodness Groundhog’s Day is here! Unfortunately, Groundhog’s Day is not nearly as prominent of a holiday as one might think it should be for such a critical time of year. Surely Groundhog’s Day […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers

After this long rainy April week, May is finally here! With the month of May comes warmer temperatures, spring flowers, and increased bird activity. Average day time temperatures for Minnesota are in the 60s, while night time temperatures are in the mid-40s. We begin to see many spring flowers in the woodlands, such as bloodroot, […]