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Arb Sightings 11/19/09

As we continue to enjoy this pleasant, dry weather, it’s difficult to realize that December is less than two weeks away. At this point it seems like we’re getting spoiled in late November with high temperatures in the mid- to upper 50’s; indeed, the forecast for this Saturday calls for a high of 55 degrees […]

Arb Sightings 11/12/09

I think all of us in southern Minnesota can agree that the weather during this past week of November has been much more pleasant than any week in October. Earlier this week, temperatures here reached the mid-60’s, reminiscent of the warm, sunny weather of two months ago. The weird weather patterns we’re experiencing may be […]

Arb Sightings 11/5/09

It appears the weather we had all hoped for in October had instead been reserved for November. Since November 1 the weather has been fairly dry and pleasant, with high temperatures reaching the mid-50’s. The forecast for this coming Saturday calls for high temperatures in the low 60’s; while this seems unseasonably warm for November, […]