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Perry’s Big Splash

The August issue of the Gustavus Quarterly (Gustavus alumni magazine) is out, and Perry is on the cover, along with two familiar humans. Within are more photos and an article by budding plant essayist Brian O’Brien.This issue of the Quarterly will eventually be available online. Meanwhile, I’ve uploaded images to the blog. Click on the […]

Perry at the Pearly Gates

Since the Perry Mummy has long since passed the Pearly Gates in a literal manner, I and my two summer research students (Alex, who needs no introduction, and Joel, new to the blog) decided to take the Perry Mummy out for a photo-op. Saint Peter, Minnesota does indeed have a set of Pearly Gates. Click […]

Perry Potter

Ok, it’s a bit late to be writing this, but here it is. The Perry Mummy, Alex, and I made an appearance at the Harry Potter party in St. Peter, Minnesota recently. Alex was Harry Potter, and I was the Potion Master. It seemed appropriate to include a mummy in the event, and Perry was […]