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Arb Sightings 8/26/10

Lower humidity levels and temperatures in the high 70’s and low 80’s have been much appreciated this week. A windy warm-up is forecast for this weekend with highs approaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit,  but thereafter high temperatures should remain in the mid- to upper 70’s and lows should be in the mid- to upper 50’s. Around […]

Arb Sightings 8/18/10

These mid-August days in the 70’s have felt quite refreshing to southern Minnesotans as we return to outdoor activities in comfortable temperatures. Humidity levels however are still rather high, and over the weekend St. Peter received another inch of rain via a couple thunderstorms. According to the next ten days’ forecast, we’re in for another […]

Arb Sightings 8/11/04

At last, the end to these unbearably hot and humid days is near. Another day above 90 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow should give way to cooler temperatures arriving on Friday and Saturday, and by Sunday our highs should once again be in the comfortable 70’s. While we could use some more precipitation, we’ll have to be […]

Corpse Flower Cake and Jiggly Stuff – Amorphophallophagy II

Perry the Corpse Flower has inspired some fascinating constructions.  I present, for your consideration, a botanical simulacrum and two compositions of resilient jiggliness. The Perry Cake Maria Jeremiason was approached with regard to application of her unique culinary skills to an ambitious project – re-creation of Perry, on a small and tasty scale, in celebration […]

Arb Sightings 8/5/10

A few days of heat indexes well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit have finally given way to cooler temperatures in the high 70’s and low 80’s as promised, and today’s temperate breeze comes as a great relief as a cold front moves through the Upper Midwest. The transition from hot to cool occurred very quickly yesterday […]


I received a most unusual gift in the mail yesterday, addressed to “Brian O’Brien and Perry Family,” from Preesi of the Corpse Flower Chat Room.  I can now become a member of the World Association of Amorphophallus Eaters (Amorphophallophages), because the package contained two shapes (tapioca and shrimp) of konjac noodles and two packets of […]

A Perry Potpourri

Here are a number of miscellaneous items related to Perry the Corpse Flower.  Click on the thumbnails for larger images. The “T” System of Perry Volunteer Nomenclature [Update – Monday, August 2:  see the comments section at the end of the post for a significantly enhanced identification of the “T” crew – BT, DT, and […]