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Leaping Leaf – Perry the Corpse Flower Surges Again

The cycle is well under way – Perry the Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum) is once again growing a titanic leaf.  I wrote about the awakening last month, and the photo in this post introduces a new face on the blog, Tran Tuan, the latest Gustavus student Perry scale object in what is becoming a substantial […]

Perry the Corpse Flower – Then and Now

Here’s a brief comparison of Perry’s inflorescence at similar stages of growth in May 2007 and now, complete with scale objects.  The human scale from May 2007 is Alex Burum, now probably the second most famous Amorphophallus titanum scale object of all time (first place goes to Hugo de Vries – see below).  The current […]

Perry’s Pigments Persist (as does Alex)

Here’s a photo that I took today (Wednesday) of Alex and Perry. Interpret it as you will. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version. Here are some links for Perry: two webcams and Titan Arum web page

Perry’s People Pleased with Perry

Here are a few shots from this highly intense afternoon and evening – Emily P., Alex, Brian, and one new face, Kevin. We roughly estimate that perhaps 1,000 people visited Perry this afternoon and evening. Links: live streaming video with audio (the lights are on in the greenhouse tonight) three webcams (distant, top-down, and close) […]

Measurement, Hydrophobicity, and Name of the Corpse Flower

The Corpse Flower’s height topped one meter today – our measurement was 102 cm (note the enhanced stick – a two-meter stick rather than a meter stick). Alex, on the other hand, is still roughly the same size that he was a few days ago. The photos are from May 1 and May 2. Alex […]

Breaking News – Corpse Flower

These photos are from around noon today (April 30,2007). Emily Hoefs, our greenhouse manager and expert cultivator of Amorphophallus titanum is pictured, along with Alex and the meter stick as measuring objects. Click on the thumbnail images for larger versions. Alex and I were interviewed by a reporter from KEYC-TV (Channel 12, Mankato, Minnesota) this […]

The Magnificence of the Corpse Flower

Well, we’ve been watching this plant grow for a long time now (since 1993, when it was a seed), and its maturation is providing an elegant and beautiful show. Its appearance changes over just the period from morning to afternoon, and the rate of change seems to be increasing. Beginning with the dense lichen-mimic patterns […]

Measurement of the Growth of the Corpse Flower

Alex and I have been making a series of measuremens of the height of the inflorescence; four of our data points (April 29, 28, 26, and 24, 2007) are represented here. Stay tuned for further developments. Click on the thmbnail images for larger versions. See the Titan Arum webcam for a live look at the […]

The Titan Arum is Opening!

Alex measures the plant on April 26 (first photo). Later that evening, Alex and Emily made the first sighting of the spathe (second photo, taken approximately 8:30 on April 27). See the Titan Arum webcam for a live look at the plant. The image is renewed at five-minute intervals.

Unpotting of the Titan Arum Corm on May 24, 2006

Britt Forsberg, Brian O’Brien, Alex Burum, and Emily Pelton unpot the corm. The photo descriptions are given below. 1. Note the enormous stress that the corm has put on the pot while growing. We had to cut the pot to get it off, and it burst about halfway through the cut. 2. Emily, Alex, Brian, […]