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Tiny Titan Trasfixes Thousands

Bob the Tiny Titan opened his/her inflorescence at the Majorie McNeely (aka Como) Conservatory in St. Paul over April 9-10. Thousands visited and were astounded. Many also dipped into the visceral depths of olfactory challenge presented by Bob. I made a trip to Como on Thursday afternoon (April 10), as did Philip (who was also […]

Twin Titans Twofer – Leaf and Inflorescence

Perry’s leaf began to emerge from the shoot yesterday. Stay tuned for rapid development. I’m at a chemistry meeting out of town right now, so personally missed the emergence, but Nick, who has been keeping tabs on the shoot during my absence, took some excellent photos. The leaf should eventually be titanic. Click here to […]

Perry’s Prolific Siblings at Como

I and two of my students took a pair of Perry’s siblings to the Como Conservatory in St. Paul in the summer of 2004, where they have been growing strongly and in addition proliferating. Margaret Yeakel-Twum and her colleagues recently re-potted the larger of the two plants, and I wrote about that on this blog […]

Perry Deja Vu

I went up to St. Paul last Saturday for the annual Orchid Society of Minnesota Holiday Party, which was held at the Mai Village, an excellent Vietnamese restaurant. This was a lunch event, and I sat with Philip and his mother (click here for a link back to the Perry event and Philip, our youngest […]