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Arb Sightings 4/29/10

The Gustie winds have finally made their spring debut, as both yesterday and today have seen sustained winds in the 30 mph range. Up until this week, southern Minnesota had been very spoiled with mostly windless days. Today’s wind is from a southerly direction, but that will change to a northerly direction for a bit […]

Arb Sightings 4/22/10

This continuing string of unseasonably warm weather appears to have no end in sight, as next week’s temperatures are forecast to be in the high 60’s and low 70’s as well. Some much needed rain showers should provide some moisture to the already drying landscape this weekend, with another chance of showers toward the end […]

Arb Sightings 4/15/10

April isn’t supposed to be this nice. Temperatures constantly in the high 60’s to mid 70’s are more characteristic of late May than mid-April, yet “above normal” seems to be the norm so far this spring. A couple April showers this week produced 0.59 inches of rainfall; one look outside and you’ll see how much […]

Arb Sightings 4/8/10

What a difference two weeks make! Since exiting March without any amount of snowfall for the first time in recorded history, southern Minnesota has experienced plenty of sun and warm weather. While last week’s temperatures were a bit warmer than usual for early April in the mid- to high 70’s, this week’s temperatures have been […]