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Webster speaks on “Psychology of Evil”

Dr. Russ Webster gave the lecture at the most recent Soup and Sandwich Seminar event at the Arboretum.  The topic was “The Psychology of Evil”.  Dr. Webster is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Psychological Science Department at Gustavus.  His research includes such topics as prejudice and discrimination, “magical thinking” (superstition, fantasy and other emotional […]

First Day of Spring

No signs of spring in the Arboretum yet.   But don’t worry…  it’s coming.  

Grisly bird mystery

owl and jay locked in a grisly mystery This is a photo taken by Art Straub near Henderson in mid March of this year.  It is a red phase eastern screech owl and a blue jay found dead together in the snow.  Art said that when the photo was taken, the bodies were still warm, […]

What is that Clump of Leaves in the Tree?

           It is winter and the leaves have left the trees bare. At first sight there is not much besides the bark and branches. A closer look reveals a clump of leaves and sticks that is messy and quite large in appearance. Upon further investigation, it appears to be a grey squirrel nest.             Grey […]