Borgeson Cabin Work Slated for this Summer Posted on March 15th, 2017 by

Both Arboretum and advancement office staff are pleased to announce that the fundraising goal for the Borgeson Cabin restoration project was met this winter, and work on the cabin is slated to occur this summer.

The much-needed structural restoration work will involve measures such as replacing rotten wood, fixing gaps and holes, stabilizing shifting walls, reinforcing joints, and replacing chinking material.  This work is intended to remove, control and prevent decay and damage to ensure the cabin’s structural integrity long into the future.

The Borgeson Cabin was originally built in 1866. It was constructed near Norseland by the Swedish immigrant family of Carl and Clara Borgeson, and served as their home for many years.  After standing uninhabited for several decades, the cabin was relocated to the Linnaeus Arboretum deciduous woods in 1986, then rebuilt in its present-day location following the 1998 tornado.

In its time here at Gustavus, the Borgeson Cabin has come to stand as a proud link to the hard-working Swedish immigrant roots that founded the college.  The cabin also serves students of all ages as an important classroom space near the habitat areas of the Arboretum.

Special thanks go out to all of you who helped recognize and celebrate the Cabin’s 150th year of existence by showering it with gifts to help preserve and protect it well into the future.

Scott Moeller, Naturalist and Director


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