Perry’s People Pleased with Perry

Posted on May 12th, 2007 by

Here are a few shots from this highly intense afternoon and evening – Emily P., Alex, Brian, and one new face, Kevin. We roughly estimate that perhaps 1,000 people visited Perry this afternoon and evening.


live streaming video with audio (the lights are on in the greenhouse tonight)

three webcams (distant, top-down, and close) and Titan Arum web page (the lights are on in the greenhouse tonight)



  1. Joe Linn says:

    I like the tux! It is a great way to commemorate the occasion.

  2. joe hoehn says:

    thanks for the info and pictures so we can enjoy from a distance. joe-carol worthington

  3. Kaley Rotering says:

    Thanks for helping to sooth our Titan crazed souls. The live-feed cameras have been wonderful. My sister said she came down to get a good “whiff” of Perry bright and early. Wish I could make it, but the trip doesn’t look to feasible. Can you figure out how to share the smell on-line? LOL

  4. Charlene in Hudson says:

    Cool info and pictures! We’ve seen a much smaller plant (about 18″) at the Mitchell Conservatory in Milwaukee, WI. The smell on even a small one us “unique” and the plant definitely deserves it’s nickname! If gas prices weren’t so ridiculous we’d be seeing you on Monday!

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