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Michael & Company Visit Perry

Earlier this summer I received a bolt-from-the-blue e-mail from my former student/student-researcher Dan Eppley. Dan graduated in 1989 and is now a professor in the Religion Department at Thiel College in Greenville, Pennsylvania (this illustrates the great versatility of a Chemistry degree from Gustavus…). Dan and his family and some relatives from Minnesota were planning a visit to Gustavus, and they wanted to visit with me…and with Perry. It turned out the Dan’s son, Michael (nine years old) had become a dedicated fan of Perry last spring via the 24/7 streaming webcam that ran during the event (as did many others). I took them all into the greenhouse to see The Leaf. Michael was visibly impressed and apparently quite happy to be there, as are all of Perry’s People when they are in Perry’s presence. Click on the thumbnails below for photos of Michael with The Leaf and with the Perry Mummy (last year’s preserved inflorescence), and for Dan in his professional habitat.

The Return of Alex

Alex, of Perry-scale-object fame, was back for a visit recently, and strong motivations existed for continuation of the tradition. Thus it transpired that our official human scale object from last year (click here for this year’s) readily agreed to strike the pose one more time (click on the thumbnail images below). I’ve also included a Warholesque montage of multiple Alexes (Alexii?) posed with our astounding aroid.  More Alexes in the series (13 in all) can be seen by clicking here.

For a ghostly chapter in the ongoing story of Plant Adventures with Alex, see this photoset.

Patty’s Magical Quilt

In another interesting bolt-from-the-blue e-mail this past spring, I made the electronic acquaintance of Patty Hieb, a docent at the Volunteer Park Conservatory, Seattle’s analog of the Majorie McNeely (aka Como) Conservatory in St. Paul, Minnesota, site of last April’s Bob the Titan Arum event. Patty was inquiring about the acquisition of a Perry T-shirt for the designated Titan Docent to wear when their Titan Arum flowers again. I was happy to oblige, so now Perry will be present in spirit during the showing of his/her sibling.

Patty had created a beautiful quilt design based on the Titan Arum, and sent me a great thank-you note bearing the design, as well as a digital version of it. Click on the thumbnail image below to view a larger version of Patty’s design.


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