Perry’s Putrid Plume Prods Primeval Sense

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Here’s the latest roll-out of the serial tabulation of public impressions of Perry‘s complex, magnificent fragrance (#4 in the series).  For the previous installment, click here.  Note the change in perceptions over time.  I thought that the fragrance changed significantly over the couple of days that Perry was in flower (though she/he was only in top condition for about 12 hours), and that’s reflected in the comments.

As usual, exact spellings and grammar from the sniffers are preserved. Redactions are imposed at the will of the editor, so as to avoid identifying individual humans.  Some of the editorial decisions are also designed to discourage further inappropriate behavior on the part of the more boorish sniffers.

Click here for a current view of Perry.  Perry is in leaf right now, but will probably soon begin to go dormant, at which time we will have an interesting project – handling the inevitable crash of the giant leaf.

The Impressions:

Bl-ee-a-ch-h-h-h!  but beautiful!

Dead Mouse

rotting dead mice or roadkill in the sun

I can’t smell it

Dead mouse in my house

Dead Mouse

Fish Souce

worse than a pig barn

Rotten retained bovine placenta

Boy’s Locker Room

Dead Carp

Dead Fish

Dead Raccoon (Bryan – 5 yrs old)

the primate house at the zoo

a college dorm room in May

the lake cabin after opening in spring

our cabin basement after a mouse has died

Dead Mouse

Cant say; is[?] Taste    Garbage

Dead mice

Dead Mouse

Dead Mouse

Dead rats

redacted’s anus (redacted)

fish house with old fish guts

a fish house & feet!  (EWWW!)  Very pungeant

rotten fridge stuff after 3 weeks vacation

Dead carpe

dead fish

dead rat

fish cleaning house

dead fish

dead rotting meat

redacted pig kill

smells like redacted’s fish house!

Dead fish washed up on the beach

Rotten French Toast

rotting Fish + redacted’ cooks line

Rotting Garbage

dead cat

dead possuim

rotting fish (river carp)

Fish market or dead mice


rotten fish


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