Remembrance of Corpse Flowers Past

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This blog post will immortalize, to the extent that the Tubes of the Internet are Immortal, some of the comments left by visitors to Perry the Corpse Flower.  Her/his sibling Bob, who flowered at the Marjorie McNeely (aka Como) Conservatory last spring produced similar impressions – those are stored in the memories of thousands of humans, but not on paper.  The comments below reflect the olfactory experiences of the participants in the Perry event.

I have redacted both names of individual humans and comments that I deem to be too redolent of psychopathy, along with those that reek of simplistic sophomoric crudity – but otherwise, the comments are unedited.

Many more comments remain to be posted, which I will do in due course.  For those that I’ve already posted, click here.  For a current webcam view of Perry, click here.  For some further photos of Perry’s Leaf (and associated human scale objects), click here, and for my main Perry photo cache on Flickr, click here.  Click the link to the left for a webcam view of Perry.

I suggest consumption of a few madeleines while reading the remainder of this post.



Rotting Fish + Seaweed

My looker room at school

rotting fish in a locker room

a big mac


week old cat box

garbage dumpster

I have smelled a body that had been dead for a week.  This is very similar.

100 dead mice

Bucket of dead fish

Garbage in a hot trailer park

rotten dead fish

cat litter box

hot, sick, foul aquarium

like a dead animal covered in maggots

my laundry…

Like Limburger cheese, only fouler

A CORPES!  [note:  “E” was struck out]

An infusion of old hamburger and arpage perfume.
a dead animal in the ditch
like a dead body and dead bugs
A broken refridgerator’s contents
smells like my son’s feet!

1 week old diaper pail

rotten chicken

rotten food


it is awful

pig manury

garbage someone forgot to take out for a few days.

Bad garbage


Not so Bad At All!!!

A Corpse Flower

My freshman roommates laundry pile – GAC ‘82

Our dog after she rolls in a well-rotted critter!

rotting flesh

– moldy basement


Hamburger – Gone Bad

old milk carton that hasn’t been rinsed before going in trash

Rotting fish – could be worse (strong)

slightly like decomposing animal

– it smelled like our trash can

summer day washed up rotting fish

pile of waste @ the beach

Icky Refidgerator Stuff

a dead animal in summer heat

chicken in the garbage in the summer

a fart

dead body

Ditto! [arrow back to “chicken in the garbage” comment] – Double ditto! [same line]

stinky dirty laundry


Compost pile @ the farm

Inside of a garbage can on a summer day

dead animal

dead mouse

dog flatulence

Dead fish rotting at low tide on the beach

dead fish

Dirty Diapers

Dead Fish

Dead Squirrel

Dead mouse in the basement

Dead fish

Dead Tree Toad under the seat of a car in summer

Smelled like dead fish

rotten meat

road kill!

dead mouse in your camper drawer

it smells like my socks when I play outside for a long time

it’s self

the couch I just threw away

our dog

New York City

Rotting fish


The Bio 102 Decomposition Lab

dead rotting fish


dead fish

The Smell is Beyond Fish –

Dog vomit (trust me, I know…)

– seconded

Dog Poop!


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