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Children of the Corm II – Perry’s Spawn

          It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on Perry the Corpse Flower, but exciting news is now being made! Readers of this blog might remember the surprising news that Perry had been self-pollinated by the myriad houseflies that visited during her/his flowering in July 2010, drawn in by Perry’s […]

Perry Christmas!

Well, Perry has been chugging along, pumping nutrients into her/his berries, and some of them are now big orange whoppers.  In addition, a few of them have ripened and fallen from the infructescence, and they contain seeds!  Those first seeds have been sown (thanks Bob and Matt), and we await the result. Ok – now […]

Perry’s Berries II and The Dark Titan of Halloween

Perry’s berries, probably initiated through vicarious pollination by excited houseflies, continue to enlarge.  At least some of them do – those on the periphery of Perry’s infructescence seem not to thrive to the degree of those that are more centrally located.  Check out the comparison photos (taken on September 12 and October 26, respectively) to […]

Perry’s Berries – the Corpse Flower’s Fabulous Fly-Blown Fecundity

Perry the Corpse Flower has surprised us yet again.  I was disappointed with the small amount of pollen that I was able to collect during the July 2010 flowering event, and am now shocked at the apparent self-potency of whatever amount of said pollen was produced. Here’s the story.  I had not checked closely on […]

Corpse Flower Cake and Jiggly Stuff – Amorphophallophagy II

Perry the Corpse Flower has inspired some fascinating constructions.  I present, for your consideration, a botanical simulacrum and two compositions of resilient jiggliness. The Perry Cake Maria Jeremiason was approached with regard to application of her unique culinary skills to an ambitious project – re-creation of Perry, on a small and tasty scale, in celebration […]


I received a most unusual gift in the mail yesterday, addressed to “Brian O’Brien and Perry Family,” from Preesi of the Corpse Flower Chat Room.  I can now become a member of the World Association of Amorphophallus Eaters (Amorphophallophages), because the package contained two shapes (tapioca and shrimp) of konjac noodles and two packets of […]

A Perry Potpourri

Here are a number of miscellaneous items related to Perry the Corpse Flower.  Click on the thumbnails for larger images. The “T” System of Perry Volunteer Nomenclature [Update – Monday, August 2:  see the comments section at the end of the post for a significantly enhanced identification of the “T” crew – BT, DT, and […]

Haute Couture Perry

Perry is traveling vicariously in some rarefied circles.  One of Perry’s enthusiastic new fans is Elizabeth Dietz, a fashion designer.  Elizabeth thought that Perry reminded her of the “Delphos” dress, made in 1907 by designer Mariano Fortuny.  I have to agree with Elizabeth’s description of the dress as “Perry-esque.”  Wow, Perry – who knew? The […]

Perry – News Story and Video IV

Hanna Schutte (summer Gustavus student intern) and Stacia Vogel (Assistant VP for Marketing and Communication), uploaded a fourth Perry video today.  I like it very much.  :) Click here for the news story (by Matt Thomas, Gustavus Media Relations Manager) and the video (imbedded in the story).  Statistics – wow.

Snap! Crash! Perry Succumbs…

Perry the Corpse Flower’s spadix, gloriously stiff though it was during the past few weeks, lost turgor in an irreversible manner this afternoon.  Perry’s appendage had been steadily wilting, and Dan R and I were set to make another photo in the Perry Measuring Stick series to document the steadily increasing spadicial curvature. A conversation […]