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I received a most unusual gift in the mail yesterday, addressed to “Brian O’Brien and Perry Family,” from Preesi of the Corpse Flower Chat Room.  I can now become a member of the World Association of Amorphophallus Eaters (Amorphophallophages), because the package contained two shapes (tapioca and shrimp) of konjac noodles and two packets of konjac gelatin powder.

Konjac is the foodstuff prepared from the corm of Amorphophallus konjac (the species of which our dear Ruby is a member).  Click on the thumbnails for images of the products and also of the planter of Amorphophallus konjac that I have growing in my driveway (flanked by two planters of other aroids).  My konjacs don’t yet approach the magnificence of our beloved Ruby, but I have high hopes for them.

A lovely note accompanied the package, including both comments on the joy of following Perry’s flowering and a warning about running with a mouthful of konjac jello (it’s apparently quite a bit chewier than the more ordinary variety…).  I and some of my Perry cohorts will report on these comestibles in a timely manner.

Will a Ruby-related chow-down be as interesting as a visit to the Land of the Lotus Eaters?  Time will tell.

Ruby had better watch her back – she could end up being eaten by Top Hat Guy (THG)…  :)



  1. Robin Morgan says:

    that THG had better stay away from the lovely Ruby! Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the Jello.

    Robin AKA: Lisa in the web cam chat.

  2. Brian O'Brien says:

    Hi Robin, good to meet you in this forum along with your incarnation in the chat group. The konjac jello was good – stiffer than normal jello, and very clear and smooth. It has an interesting eating texture that lends itself to slurping (which I normally don’t do…). I’ll be buying more (it’s available online), both for culinary experimentation and for orchid seed medium experimentation (the latter being a suggestion by YT, aka Philip).

  3. […] is a foodstuff derived from siblings of Perry’s cousin Ruby.  As was reported earlier in this blog, a gift of konjac-derived comestibles was recently received from Corpse Flower Chat Room denizen […]