An Animalically Fragrant Ruby Tuesday

Posted on May 5th, 2009 by

For all of you Perry the Corpse Flower fans out there, Perry’s smaller cousin, Ruby, is now putting on a spectacular display, both visual and olfactory, in the Gustavus greenhouse (click here and here for posts on Ruby and her/his fans from last spring, along with graphic descriptions of his/her vile/sublime fragrance).

Below are thumbnails linking to some photos taken today (Tuesday…) of Tom Oelfke, Nick Murray, and your faithful blogger of things aroidal.  Please stop by for a look, and perhaps a sniff, during the next few days – Ruby’s inflorescence will not last long.  For those of you who are blessed with serendipitous propensities, your visit might coincide with interaction with one of a number of humans who can let you into the greenhouse to experience Ruby’s highly intense fragrance.  My personal impression is that the fragrance is quite a bit more foul than Perry’s, even though Perry produced a more voluminous plume.

‘Animalic’, within the context of perfumery, refers to odors associated with animals.  Ruby’s fragrance fits the bill.  His/her appearance also fits…that of a deceased animal.  Hey, that’s one way to go if you want to be pollinated by flies or other such creatures…


Ruby & Tom, May 5, 2009

Ruby & Nick, May 5, 2009

Ruby & Nick, May 5, 2009

Ruby & Brian, May 5, 2009

Ruby & Brian, May 5, 2009



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