The Leaning Tower of Perry

Posted on June 28th, 2013 by

After a long hiatus, we’re finally seeing some rapid change in Perry the Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum). Almost exactly two years after beginning to grow, and reaching maturity about four months later, the titanic leaf is rapidly senescing. We’ve been watching what has appeared to be the onset of dormancy for many months, but just during the past few days the process has sped up. The petiole (leaf stem) has shrunk tremendously since I showed Perry to some visitors a few days ago, and is leaning to one side. In addition, the leaf’s branches and leaflets are starting to turn yellow and collapse.

An extended period of dormancy will occur after the leaf is gone…then Perry will be back, in flower, bigger and better than ever!

Here are some photos taken today of Perry, some with current Perry scale object Tuan Tran (GAC ’13). Tuan and I will be documenting the demise of the leaf during the next few weeks.

Tuan Tran (GAC '13), current Perry scale object, with Perry. June 28, 2013.Tuan Tran (GAC '13), current Perry scale object, with Perry. June 28, 2013.Perry's senescing leaf, view from the bottom., June 28, 2013.Base of Perry's senescing petiole, June 28, 2013. Base of Perry's senescing petiole, June 28, 2013.







Click here for the Perry webcam (operating continuously since March 2007!) to keep up with the leaf’s fate.

For a sequence of pictures of Perry’s Progress (leafwise), often accompanied by Tuan, click here, here, here (complete with earlier scale objects Anthony and Alex), here, here, and here.

Perry is on Facebook. You can become her/his “Friend” by adding Perry T. Titan.



  1. Claudia Boleen says:

    I was able to visit this very unusual “flower”. WOW!! I can’t wait to do so again. I think Como Park in St. Paul has an offshoot, I wonder if it will bloom? Does anyone know?

    • Brian O'Brien says:

      Claudia – Como does have Amorphophallus titanum,and they’ve had it on display in bloom, but I’m not sure what the schedule might be at this point. I’ll be making another blog post on Perry soon, so stay tuned. :)