Vive la Perry!

Posted on July 14th, 2010 by

Happy Bastille Day from Perry and her/his mentor and godfather!

Perry continues to grow at an astounding rate.  I’ve included a calibration photo for the present growth:  Perry at approximately the same stage on May 5, 2007.  The other photos were taken on July 13 and 14.  The second of those features new Perryophile Matt Klun (Gustavus ’11) as the scale object.  Click on the thumbnail to see all three photos.

Hmm…if the May 5, 2007 and July 13, 2010 stages are truly comparable, perhaps we’ll have to shift our projected Perry opening date.  Perry began to open last time on the afternoon of May 12, 2007, one week after the photo was taken.  The inflorescence seems larger this time.  Wednesday of next week?  Thursday?  Or will our original prediction of Tuesday hold?  Monday?  Friday?

Time will tell.  :)

Now, back to my Viognier and cheeses.  :)

The <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>24/7 live streaming webcam with audio</a> will run throughout the event.  Tune in both to see progress of the inflorescence and to listen to visitors’ comments.

Visitors are welcome.  The plant can be viewed through the greenhouse windows now, and a tour schedule will eventually be announced on the <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Titan Arum website</a>.  If you stop by my office (just down the hall from Perry), I’ll be glad to give you a personal tour.

Perry is friendly in many ways.  <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Click here for Perry T. Titan’s Facebook page</a>.  You can see <i>lots of further photos</i> of Perry there, many of them close-up.  He/she’s quite the diva, preparing for that final, brief burst of fame.



  1. Marie says:

    as I was checking in with my daily review, you were watering….which leads to my question … just how often is Perry watered? and with our heat wave I’m guessing it’s fairly frequent?

    it’s fun to watch, thanks for sharing with us…

  2. Brian O'Brien says:

    Hi, Marie, and thanks for your comment. Perry gets watered at different rates, depending on the stage of growth. Enough water to keep the mix wet, but not saturated, is used when growth of leaf or inflorescence is active (once every three days or so, roughly). Less water is given during dormancy, even though the mix should not dry out completely. Too much water during dormancy can cause the corm to rot.

  3. Anthony Cesnik says:

    Looking good, Matt!