Perry’s Pigment Precedes Prodigious Plume

Posted on May 7th, 2007 by

Perry has definitely begun producing a burgundy-colored pigment within the spathe. If one looks into the area where the spathe is most obviously beginning to spread prior to fully opening, the color is clearly visible. I’ve moved webcam A to monitor this area of the spathe. While the color is not obvious from the external view that the webcam provides, I suspect that it will be obvious within the next day or so.

Take a look at these sequential photos of the inflorescence of an Amorphophallus titanum that recently finished flowering at Kew. Note the development of color at the edges of the spathe.

See the Titan Arum webcams for a live look at the plant. We now have three cameras linked (distant, top-down, and close-up). The close-up camera will be moved occasionally so as to provide different views. The images are renewed at five-minute intervals.

See Gustavus campus Channel 7 for live streaming video.

For links to stop-motion videos of Perry, a candid gallery of Perry and her/his admirers, links to YouTube videos of Perry, and a link to the Titan Arum Photo Club Facebook group, click here.



  1. Linda Hafdahl says:

    A great web site! I would love to see Perry in all his/her full bloom. I’ll keep watching the progress.

  2. E. Bernal says:


    This is all very interesting. We are monitoring the progress of the bloom.

    I looked at the photo series you put together. What are the people talking about when they look at “Perry?” Some look very serious.

    A fan in Perrysburg, OH

  3. Lois Warren says:

    WOW!! I live in St. Peter Minnesota and am hoping to go to Gustavus to see/smell the one here when it opens === soon, I hope! :)

  4. Brian says:

    Thanks, all, for your comments. With regard to what people are talking about, what I’ve overheard is mainly amazement. We’re working on a live streaming Internet video/audio feed like the one that’s running for the UC Davis plant. Keep an eye on the blog and website for updates on that. I’m hoping that it will be up and running this afternoon.