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Gargantuan Leaf Leaps for the Sun

Are You Ready for Some Chlorophyll?!!?  Perry the Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum) has exceeded all expectations with his/her leaf, and is producing a shimmering wave of deja vu within the greenhouse, as shown in the photo (click the thumbnail image for a full view).  The student scale objects are Tran Tuan (Gustavus ’13) on October […]

Titanic Sprout Shoots Skyward

Perry the Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum) continues to grow his/her solar antenna at an astonishing rate, as shown in the accompanying photographs – click on the thumbnails for the full photos.  The photos include Tran Tuan (Gustavus ’13, current Perry student scale object), Anthony Cesnik (Gustavus ’12, returning scale object), and Alex Burum (Gustavus ’07, […]

Leaping Leaf – Perry the Corpse Flower Surges Again

The cycle is well under way – Perry the Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum) is once again growing a titanic leaf.  I wrote about the awakening last month, and the photo in this post introduces a new face on the blog, Tran Tuan, the latest Gustavus student Perry scale object in what is becoming a substantial […]

A Towering Tiny Titanic Forest

I posted in June on germination of seeds of Perry the Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum).  Further germination has occurred, and the last count of seedlings from the tray pictured is 59 (and there are more in the set of seeds being tended by Philip).  The seedlings have been outside in my back yard for about […]

Titanic One-Eyed Organism Opens Eye

Perry the Corpse Flower, Amorphophallus titanum, has survived his/her seed production cycle, and is growing again.  As of today, July 5, 2011, the shoot is about two inches high.  We expect this growth to be a leaf, and its unfurling should be a fascinating event. Click here for the final blog post of the last […]

A Tiny Titanic Forest!

The Children of the Corm (aka the progeny of Perry the Corpse Flower) continue to appear.  Their numbers grow steadily, as one after another after another after another of Perry’s self-generated seeds germinate.  Can total domination of humanity by our new Vegetable Titan Overlords be far behind?  Only time will tell.  Meanwhile, the germinations continue… […]

Perry’s Berries – the Corpse Flower’s Fabulous Fly-Blown Fecundity

Perry the Corpse Flower has surprised us yet again.  I was disappointed with the small amount of pollen that I was able to collect during the July 2010 flowering event, and am now shocked at the apparent self-potency of whatever amount of said pollen was produced. Here’s the story.  I had not checked closely on […]

Corpse Flower Cake and Jiggly Stuff – Amorphophallophagy II

Perry the Corpse Flower has inspired some fascinating constructions.  I present, for your consideration, a botanical simulacrum and two compositions of resilient jiggliness. The Perry Cake Maria Jeremiason was approached with regard to application of her unique culinary skills to an ambitious project – re-creation of Perry, on a small and tasty scale, in celebration […]


I received a most unusual gift in the mail yesterday, addressed to “Brian O’Brien and Perry Family,” from Preesi of the Corpse Flower Chat Room.  I can now become a member of the World Association of Amorphophallus Eaters (Amorphophallophages), because the package contained two shapes (tapioca and shrimp) of konjac noodles and two packets of […]

The Leaning Tower of Perry

Perry the Corpse Flower had a great run Friday and this weekend.  Beautiful weather was constant during the daylight hours of the three days (and we had exciting weather for a while after Perry’s night-time peak – spectacular lightning on the way back home from an encounter with Perry at her/his maximum glory, followed by […]