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The Leaning Tower of Perry

Perry the Corpse Flower had a great run Friday and this weekend.  Beautiful weather was constant during the daylight hours of the three days (and we had exciting weather for a while after Perry’s night-time peak – spectacular lightning on the way back home from an encounter with Perry at her/his maximum glory, followed by […]

Perry’s Zenith

Well, it’s been really busy here for the past couple of days, with little time to catch up on the blog.  However, one more official day (Sunday) of the Perry Lollapalooza is still to come, and more posts are in waiting and still to materialize.  This is a short post on an important milestone in […]

Perry the Corpse Flower – Then and Now

Here’s a brief comparison of Perry’s inflorescence at similar stages of growth in May 2007 and now, complete with scale objects.  The human scale from May 2007 is Alex Burum, now probably the second most famous Amorphophallus titanum scale object of all time (first place goes to Hugo de Vries – see below).  The current […]

Perry Flowering Status Update

I took a look at Perry at about 4:25 this afternoon, and the spathe shows no sign of unfurling (flapping back of the edge along the seam), even though the parts of the edge at the top seem to have flared out a bit more.  At about 8:15 this morning, Perry had a distinct barnyardish […]

Molly! Perryophile Extraordinaire

Perry was highly pleased to receive a visit from one of her/his most dedicated fans, Molly E. J. Winter (formerly Molly Jordan)  and her husband Andrew yesterday.  Molly, now in veterinary school, graduated from Gustavus in 2007, so was here for Perry’s inaugural flowering in May 2007.  She was the first person to inquire about […]

Titanic Titillations

Perry the Corpse Flower continues her/his coyness with regard to his/her actual date(s) of opening.  Signs of the impending burst of full flowering will be:  falling away of the cataphylls at the base of Perry’s now-titanic inflorescence (signifying roughly two days until full flowering), and a heavy surge of purple pigment into the leafy tips […]

Titan Surge!

Perry the Titan Arum (aka Corpse Flower) continues to grow rapidly.  The shoot that is now arising has a suspicious rotundity – the shape indicates that it could well be an inflorescence (or perhaps the reincarnation of John Adams). If it’s an inflorescence, I estimate that Perry will flower toward the end of July or […]

The Titan Awakens!

It’s been a long time since my last update on Perry, but he/she has been either stolidly photosynthesizing, dozing off, or sleeping for quite a while during the past couple of years. No more! Perry recently awakened from only four months of stony sleep (I had expected at least nine months…). This is startling, and […]

A Perry Potpourri

Michael & Company Visit Perry Earlier this summer I received a bolt-from-the-blue e-mail from my former student/student-researcher Dan Eppley. Dan graduated in 1989 and is now a professor in the Religion Department at Thiel College in Greenville, Pennsylvania (this illustrates the great versatility of a Chemistry degree from Gustavus…). Dan and his family and some […]

What Did Perry Smell Like? Installment #2

For those readers who might initially have thought otherwise, this post deals with Perry, our largest plant of the Titan Arum / Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum), not with a human of that name. Quite a while back (May 22, 2007), I posted a preliminary transcript of written comments by people who were exiting the Perry […]