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Arb Sightings 2/11/11

Hopefully this past week was the last week of subzero temperatures this winter in southern Minnesota. Temperatures again dropped well into the negative teens on both Monday and Tuesday nights, with daytime temperatures struggling to reach the single digits above zero until yesterday. Now, however, it appears that the tides are finally beginning to turn, […]

Arb Sightings 2/4/11

January decided not to let us off the hook, instead giving us one final snowstorm amounting to another six inches of accumulation here in St. Peter on Monday. Comparing photos of the “backyard” behind the Interpretive Center, it looks like we’re back to or slightly above the level of snow cover (in terms of height) […]

Arb Sightings 1/28/11

Thirty-three degrees Fahrenheit feels almost like t-shirt weather to us in southern Minnesota today. It’s all relative, of course, but after last week’s deep freeze our bodies have become so accustomed to the outdoor cold that temperatures above freezing, even if only by a few degrees, really do feel “warm.” That’s why we actually do […]

Arb Sightings 1/21/11

Somehow we made it through the past seven days without experiencing any significant snowfall here in south-central Minnesota. Sure we saw a dusting here and there earlier in the week, but certainly nothing more than an inch of total accumulation. That’s the good news; the bad news is that temperatures have absolutely plummeted as the […]

Arb Sightings 1/14/11

Mother Nature is playing the proverbial broken record for us in southern Minnesota: another week, another snowstorm. This one occurred early in the week on Monday and into Tuesday morning, dropping six inches of snow in St. Peter. A light dusting occurred here yesterday morning as another snowstorm went mostly north of our area (but […]

Arb Sightings 1/6/11

A few snowstorms, some bitter cold, a warm-up with rain, and more snow–that pretty much describes what happened over the past couple of weeks here in southern Minnesota. The warm-up lasted a couple days, and as temperatures approached 40 degrees Fahrenheit a decent amount of snow did melt (and hopefully found its way into the […]

Arb Sightings 12/17/10

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well, I think it’s safe to say that we’re overflowing in both lemons and lemonade here in southern Minnesota. This past weekend’s expected snowstorm was indeed the monster blizzard that had been predicted, dropping up to two feet of snow in some Twin Cities locations. Here in St. […]

Arb Sightings 12/10/10

Southern Minnesota is stuck in a bad late fall/early winter rut. I say this because tonight and tomorrow we’re in for yet another weekend snowstorm, with ice and up to a foot of snow possible for some areas (including the Twin Cities). Last weekend we received somewhere between eight and ten inches in St. Peter, […]

Arb Sightings 12/3/10

Winter has decided to begin in earnest, one month earlier than usual. Over the past couple weeks southern Minnesota has seen more snow, several dangerous ice storms (one of which caused about 400 vehicle accidents in the Twin Cities in one night), and frigid temperatures struggling to reach the 20’s. Even today here in St. […]

Arb Sightings 11/19/10

After last weekend’s major snowstorm one wonders what other weather oddities we have yet to experience in this uncharacteristic year of weather. Here in St. Peter, 8 to 10 inches of snow accumulated from early Saturday to early Sunday, and similar amounts were recorded throughout southern Minnesota including the Twin Cities. The temperature during the […]