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The rapid growth of Perry the Corpse Flower’s inflorescence continues to transfix all who are viewing it. The students (Nate Friedley ’15, Serenity Mahoney ’15, Nick Ulen ’15, and alumnus Tuan Tran ’13) and I had photo shoots with Perry this past Wednesday (October 16) and Friday (October 18). The Friday session was coupled with an interview with Pat Beck of the St. Peter Herald.

Perry’s spadix (the central, pillar-like part of the inflorescence) has emerged from the spathe (the lettuce-leaf-like surrounding structure). An interesting feature of Perry in the past has been that the spadix was flat on top, with a small central point. This time, however, the spadix tip appears to be pointed, as is the case for almost all other plants of Amorphophallus titanum that have bloomed elsewhere.

Photos of Perry and admirers from October 16 and October 18 are included below, along with closeups of the spadix tip on the same two days.

Click here for three live streaming Perry webcams. Perry is also on Facebook, and posts regularly. Click here for a Flickr set that documents Perry and fans from 2004 until the present, including many pictures that are not on the blog.

DSCN2261 cr m Nate Serenity Tuan Perry

Nick Ulen (Gustavus ’15), Serenity Mahoney (Gustavus ’15), Brian O’Brien, Tuan Tran (Gustavus ’13).

DSCN2264 cr m spadix from top

Perry’s spadix begins to emerge. Viewed from above the inflorescence, October 16, 2013.

DSCN2273 cr m Nick Tuan Serenity behind Perry

Perry with Nick Ulen (Gustavus ’15), Tuan Tran (Gustavus ’13), and Serenity Mahoney (Gustavus ’15).

DSCN2304 cr m Nate Brian Serenity Nick Perry

Perry’s spadix is showing above the spathe. With admirers Nate Friedley (Gustavus ’15), Brian O’Brien, Serenity Mahoney (Gustavus ’15), and Nick Ulen (Gustavus ’15).

DSCN2310 cr m spadix tip side

Close-up of the newly-emerged tip of Perry’s spadix. The water was sprayed on to illustrate the intensely hydrophobic nature of the spadix.




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