Cup Plant — Interpreting the Fall Arboretum Landscape Posted on September 30th, 2013 by

The following is a submission from a Gustavus student in Dr. Cindy Johnson’s “Interpreting the Fall Landscape” class held in the Arboretum.  Special thanks to Dr. Johnson and her students…..


Cup Plantscup

By Carrie Boike


Cup Plant, Silphium perfoliatum

·         Native to North America

·         Perennial

·         Triangular Toothed Leaf

·          opposite leaf arrangement

·         Called Cup because the leaves come

together in a cup shape

·         Yellow daisy-like flowers on top

·         3-8 ft

I found the Cup Plant very interesting because the location of the plant I saw indicated something unique about the landscape. My Landscaping Class and I found this Cup Plant in the prairie in the Arb. Prairies typically have low rainfall and higher/ dryer climates.  However, these plants occur in wetter portions of land. To see this plant in the Prairie implies that particular area is wetter.


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