Unnatural Father’s Day Hike

Posted on June 22nd, 2012 by

Hey.  After not finding the time to make the next glorious and thorough blog post, I’ve decided that I just need to make quick and simple posts.  So, just wanted to say that our first ever Father’s Day Weekend Unnatural Event was a great success.  Not a huge turnout, but the 30+ folks who came out had great fun.  We made some “unnatural” pop bottle bird feeders, made some “unnatural” critters out of recycling items, and went on a “unnatural” hike.  An unnatural hike, for those who’ve never been on one, is a nature hike, where your task is to locate hidden unnatural objects that have been previously placed along the trail route.  It’s a lot of fun.  Hope to see you out there with us next time!

little hands

Little hands love the feel and sound of bird seed. This little one is filling her new pop bottle bird feeder.

kids and feeders

Some happy kids working on their pop bottle bird feeders. Not the prettiest bird feeders, but you can’t beat the cost, and it’s a great way to get kids started on bird and wildlife appreciation.

Hidden object

Do you see the hidden object in the tree? It’s easy looking at a photo, but surprisingly challenging while walking down the wooded trail.  It’s a golf club.

another hidden object
How about this one. Do you see the yellow crayon? There was also a brown crayon, and nobody found it on the first try. This exercise really highlights the value of camouflage, and helps teach about good observation skills and how much we miss when we don’t use good observation skills in nature.

unnatural critter
Just one of the odd, unnatural critters made with recyclables, wire, string, balloons, etc. The point: kids love to create something from nothing, especially when it’s weird — and products can be used and reused in many ways.

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