Arb Sightings 4/29/11

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Today we’ve been blessed here in southern Minnesota with a sunny, warm, and dry Arbor Day. The rest of the week, however, has been characterized by cool temperatures and persistent rain after the last beautiful day on Easter Sunday. Some showers are expected tomorrow morning which should clear up by early afternoon, giving way to a string of dry, sunny days in the 50’s and even 60’s through at least next Tuesday.

The continued cooler-than-normal temperatures are causing plants to lag in terms of blooming, leafing, and budding. Whereas last spring we saw flowers blooming and trees leafing out as early as the third week of April, it appears this spring we’ll be well into May by the time Mother Nature’s greenery begins to burst. Tulips still have yet to bloom in the gardens surrounding the Interpretive Center, and most deciduous trees, while showing swollen buds, still have yet to show any semblance of tiny leaves. Forsythias in the arboretum are currently in full bloom, but it looks like the magnolia flowers are still a week away yet (and the crabapples and lilacs even later). In some cases, though, the cool temperatures have seemingly prolonged the blooms of certain flowers, including the many vibrant yellow daffodils under the tamaracks on the north side of the Jim Gilbert Teaching Pond.

Daffodil blooming under tamaracks on north side of Jim Gilbert Teaching Pond, 4/28/11.

Here are some other highlights from this week in the Arb:

– First tulips blooming in gardens on west side of Interpretive Center 4/29

– First of year White-throated Sparrows calling from coniferous forest in northern part of Arb 4/28

– Wood Frogs vocalizing in Jones Northern Forest Ponds 4/28

– Muskrat swimming in Jones Northern Forest Ponds 4/27

– Rock Cress blooming in Evelyn Young Gardens behind Interpretive Center 4/26

– Dandelions beginning to bloom in lawns throughout Arb and across campus 4/26


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