Perry the Corpse Flower – Then and Now

Posted on July 21st, 2010 by

Here’s a brief comparison of Perry’s inflorescence at similar stages of growth in May 2007 and now, complete with scale objects.  The human scale from May 2007 is Alex Burum, now probably the second most famous Amorphophallus titanum scale object of all time (first place goes to Hugo de Vries – see below).  The current human scale, complete with appropriate facial expression, is new-to-the-blog amorphophile Dan Rohlf (Gustavus ’11).

For the inspiration for this series, see this photo (scroll down to the third image on the page) of the botanist Hugo de Vries posing with a flowering Amorphophallus titanum in 1932. That photo had a powerful effect on me at a young age.


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