Molly! Perryophile Extraordinaire

Posted on July 19th, 2010 by

Perry was highly pleased to receive a visit from one of her/his most dedicated fans, Molly E. J. Winter (formerly Molly Jordan)  and her husband Andrew yesterday.  Molly, now in veterinary school, graduated from Gustavus in 2007, so was here for Perry’s inaugural flowering in May 2007.  She was the first person to inquire about Perry’s health when the leaf started turning yellow and going dormant in January of this year, having noticed the phenomenon during one of her regular Perry Cam visits.  Molly considers Perry to be enough of a quasi-animal to fit well within her professional interests.  And – full-blooming Perry certainly has some barnyard odor notes in his/her olfactory symphony.  Click on the thumbnail for a larger view of Molly, Andrew, and Perry.  Click here for a look at the progress of the leaf during the onset of dormancy.


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