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Arb Sightings 3/25/10

This first week of spring has been an atypical one. First, high temperatures in the mid-60’s are more characteristic of mid- to late April than they are of late March. And second (a BIG second), there isn’t any snow in the upcoming forecast, which means we’re very likely to get through the entire month of […]

Arb Sightings 3/18/10

The first day of the year in the high 50’s feels nothing short of tropical to those of us who spent the entire winter in Minnesota. And with the vernal equinox only a couple days away, today might be a glorious taste of the coming spring. But not so fast; tomorrow (Friday) the forecast calls […]

Arb Sightings 3/11/10

This morning many of us in southern Minnesota woke up to the sound of thunder, and thus the state has experienced its first thunderstorm of the year. While this may seem early for a thunderstorm, it’s not all too unusual to experience thunder and lightning before the vernal equinox; in fact as recent as February […]

Arb Sightings 3/5/10

As the snow melts as a result of this week’s above-freezing temperatures, we are once again privileged with the joy of walking through puddles and getting our shoes wetter than we would prefer. But puddles are as sure a sign of spring as rain showers; and indeed, the forecast for the next week predicts chances […]