Arb Sightings 9/24/09

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Yesterday we finally had our first significant migration push. While the winds were light, they were from a northerly direction, which means birds, dragonflies, and butterflies were all heading south.  On yesterday’s birdwalk 31 species were sighted in the Arb, with highlights being seven species of warbler (including very good looks at a Palm Warbler exhibiting its distinctive tail-pumping behavior), a large flock of White-throated Sparrows, and two Sedge Wrens (a new species for the Arb!) singing in the cattails of the North Arb Ponds.

Right now in the Bird and Butterfly Garden you’re very likely to see two animals: 1) a bumblebee (they are covering the asters right now) and 2) a House Finch. The females and young males generally don’t look to exciting in their drab brown, streaky plumage, but they are outnumbering any other birds coming to the feeders ten to one.

Here are some other highlights from this week in the Arb:

– White-lined Sphinx moth nectaring on petunias in front of Interpretive Center 9/23

White-lined Sphinx nectaring on petunias in annual graden in front of Interpretive Center, 9/23/09.

White-lined Sphinx nectaring on petunia in annual graden in front of Interpretive Center, 9/23/09.

– Red-tailed Hawk perched on top of shelter outside Interpretive Center 9/19

– First Ruby-crowned Kinglet in Arb 9/21

– First large flocks of Canada Geese heading south 9/23

– Acorns readily dropping from oak trees 9/22

– Three Northern Leopard Frogs sitting on lily pads in Waterfall Garden outside Interpretive Center 9/22


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