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Trees for Heart, Mind, and Spirit Schedule

The Linnaeus Arboretum will host a series of brief presentations relating to how nature affects us physically, mentally, and spiritually. Please join us during your lunch hour on Wednesday, April 23rd – Friday, April 25th to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the arboretum. Attendees will receive a free tree sapling with each session they attend. […]

Tiny Titan at Como

I recently posted on the Amorphophallus titanum plants that we donated to the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory (presently known more widely and unofficially as the Como Conservatory) in St. Paul a few years ago. Since then, the dormant corm has begun to grow. I and the Como curators looked at the growth (from a 25-pound corm), […]

Titan Tops One Meter

As of yesterday (March 30) at about 4:00 p.m., the leaf shoot of Perry, our largest Amorphophallus titanum plant, was one meter tall. Today at about 10:00 a.m. the height was 105 cm. Alex and Nick are pictured below with Perry for comparison of last year’s and this year’s growth. Click on the thumbnail photo […]

Perry Grows Again!!!

Exactly one month ago (February 6), Emily Hoefs, our greenhouse manager, saw that Perry’s shoot tip, about 1/2 inch high, had emerged. I had noted cracks in the center of the potting mix about a week earlier, and had been hoping that they were from shoot pressure rather than drying of the mix surface. They […]

Perry’s Prolific Siblings at Como

I and two of my students took a pair of Perry’s siblings to the Como Conservatory in St. Paul in the summer of 2004, where they have been growing strongly and in addition proliferating. Margaret Yeakel-Twum and her colleagues recently re-potted the larger of the two plants, and I wrote about that on this blog […]

Coneflower Prairie Progress

There continues to be exciting progress towards the expansion of the Linnaeus Arboretum. Fundraising is in full swing towards the new 70 acre Coneflower Prairie as the matching grant deadline draws near. Check in on our fundraising progress. During November 2007 construction began on the future site of this beautiful restored prairie. Land excavation helped […]