Titan Tops Two Meters, Calls for Admirers

Posted on April 14th, 2008 by

Perry, our largest plant of Amorphophallus titanum, continues to grow her/his awe-inspiring leaf at a remarkable rate. The leaf had topped two meters by about 4:30 Sunday afternoon (April 13), up from 191 cm at about the same time on Saturday. The leaf base is now approximately 6.5 inches in diameter at ground level. That’s a mighty big petiole.

Nick and I took some photos on Sunday afternoon. One comment that Nick made was that the leaf is perhaps becoming even more impressive than the unopened inflorescence last year, and I agree. The massive leaf shoot has a majestic sculptural beauty and overwhelming verticality that should be personally experienced for full visual impact. The leaf shoot looks as though it’s an object sculpted from strange green marble for cryptic reasons by beings from an alien culture. It dominates the room. The photographs and webcam do not do it justice.

I suggest that fans of Perry stop by the greenhouse for a personal visit. You will not be disappointed. If I’m around, I’ll be glad to take you inside the greenhouse for a close-up view. Keep in mind Nick’s thought: the leaf is perhaps becoming even more impressive than the unopened inflorescence. That’s saying a lot.

Click on the thumbnails below for larger versions of Nick and the leaf, along with close-ups of the leaf, keeping in mind that even the larger versions are abysmal substitutes for the real thing.

Click here to view Perry via webcam. Better yet, click on over to Nobel Hall in person, and request a personal audience with Perry, via one of his/her acolytes.

p4130001-all-w-o-nick-closer-cr-3x6-200.jpg p4130005-close-m-cr-3x6-200.jpg p4130003-closer-m-4x6-200.jpg nick-perry-041308-m-cr-3x6-200.jpg


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