Trees for Heart, Mind, and Spirit Schedule

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The Linnaeus Arboretum will host a series of brief presentations relating to how nature affects us physically, mentally, and spiritually. Please join us during your lunch hour on Wednesday, April 23rd – Friday, April 25th to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the arboretum. Attendees will receive a free tree sapling with each session they attend. Some lunch options will be available for purchase in the Interpretive Center. Contact Emily Hoefs with any questions (x7199)

Wednesday, April 23rd

11:30 – “Yoga in the Arboretum” – Kari Lipke

12:00 – “The Importance of Play and Chance to Dance” – Michele Rusinko

12:30 – “Negative Effects of Nature Withdrawal” – Bonnie Reimann & Aaron Banks

1:00 – “Local Biking Routes” – Brian Koeneman

Thursday, April 24th

11:30 – “Expanding the Arboretum – Coneflower Prairie” – Cindy Johnson-Groh

12:00 – “Birding with Bob” – Bob Dunlap

12:30 – “Geology of the St. Peter Area” – James Welsh

1:00 – “Interpreting the Spring Landscape” – Jim Gilbert

Friday, April 25th

11:30 – “Tai Chi in the Arboretum Meditation Area” – Gretchen Koehler

(meet in the Natural Meditation Area of the Arboretum)

12:00 – “Natural Labyrinths” – Rachel Larson

12:30 – “Sewing the Seeds of Vocation” – Chris Johnson

1:00 – “Finding Musical Inspiration” – Karl Anderson (bagpipes)


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