Coneflower Prairie Progress

Posted on January 10th, 2008 by

There continues to be exciting progress towards the expansion of the Linnaeus Arboretum. Fundraising is in full swing towards the new 70 acre Coneflower Prairie as the matching grant deadline draws near. Check in on our fundraising progress.

During November 2007 construction began on the future site of this beautiful restored prairie. Land excavation helped to contour the land in order to create unique microhabitats that can accommodate prairie plants that prefer moist soils, dry soils, and everything in between. Note the arial photo that show both current Linnaeus Arboretum acreage and the future site of the prairie to the west.


The land shown in the following photos was planted in soybeans during the previous growing season. After harvest and tillage of the soils, hill construction began on November 8, 2007. Note the small hill surrounded by plastic sheet fencing around the construction site in the first photo. The construction process took numerous days and work by heavy machinery. We are very pleased with the outcome – the second photo shows the completed hill. Note the change in the horizon shape as viewed from the far southeastern corner of the new site. Continue to check the website for further updates on the fundraising and construction process.



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