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Perry at the Pearly Gates

Since the Perry Mummy has long since passed the Pearly Gates in a literal manner, I and my two summer research students (Alex, who needs no introduction, and Joel, new to the blog) decided to take the Perry Mummy out for a photo-op. Saint Peter, Minnesota does indeed have a set of Pearly Gates. Click […]

Perry Potter

Ok, it’s a bit late to be writing this, but here it is. The Perry Mummy, Alex, and I made an appearance at the Harry Potter party in St. Peter, Minnesota recently. Alex was Harry Potter, and I was the Potion Master. It seemed appropriate to include a mummy in the event, and Perry was […]

The Perry Mummy Gets Around

I’m hoping that the Perry Mummy will soon be dehydrated enough to take back to the greenhouse. Meanwhile it has done a bit of traveling – not quite as much as King Tut, though. A Perry appearance at a gathering of summer research students and faculty last week added a nice touch to the ambiance. […]

UNC Charlotte Titan Arum (Bella) About to Open

A Titan at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, is predicted to open on Friday or Saturday, June 29-30. “Bella” is the chosen name. Click on to see photographs up through today; a webcam is also running.

Where’s Perry?

The true answer to the question in the subject line is that Perry is lurking beneath the surface of the potting mix, preparing for another display of titanism. A more accurate question would be: “Where’s the Perry Mummy?” The answer: I detached the Perry Mummy today, since the stalk had completely senesced. Parts of it […]

Perry = Peony?

The answer to the question in the subject line is “no”. On the other hand, Alex and I had an interesting outing on Monday of this week that is obliquely related to peonies. We made a trip to Orchids Limited (an orchid plant business in the Twin Cities area) to view the inflorescences of several […]

Titan Topples… :(

Yesterday the inevitable occurred, and Perry’s mummifying inflorescence fell over. There’s still a bit of green left, but the entire upper part of the structure is beginning to dry nicely. It’s actually rather grotesque (as is any other mummy…), and will become an interesting display object. Perhaps I’ll keep it in my office along with […]

Perry’s Obscure, Tiny, Glorious Relatives

I received a box in the mail today. It contained, among other things, one corm of Amorphophallus obscurus and one corm of Amorphophallus pygmaeus. These are Lilliputian versions of Perry. Click on each name for more information. A Google search, using each of the names as a term, will yield a great deal of further […]

Pharaoh Perry

Perry is in the process of auto-mummification, and she/he looks like a Pharaoh from one side. He/she looks like an elephant in the process of mummification from the other side (work with me here on the imagination, ok? I’m doing what I can with regard to impressions, and Perry’s presence, in the Perry Room, is […]

Perry & Inorganic Students & 1,10-Phenanthroline

Grading for Spring Semester is now officially over, so I’ll offer some commentary and a composite image. One thing that strongly impressed me during the Perry event was the intense interest shown by the students and other denizens of our campus. Let’s say, for example, that you’re a student taking a final exam in inorganic […]