Titanic Tremors! Posted on December 19th, 2007 by

It lives, Dr. Frankenstein!! IT LIVES!!!

Yes, Perry is reawakening! I noticed a precipitous decline in the level of the potting mix recently. I had thought that perhaps the corm had rotted and collapsed :=(. I dug into the pot and found a nice fat, new root. I found out later from Emily that she, being a more daring digger than I, had dug in earlier and found the corm to be intact and to possess a shoot and many roots. She and some of the student workers had removed the top-dressing of peat that had been mixed with composted manure and added during Perry’s flowering. It appears that Perry is now sucking up large quantities of water and nutrients in preparation for production of his/her titanic leaf. Stay tuned for more updates – I’ll post photos once the shoot breaks through the potting mix, and we’ll keep up with the rate of growth. Meanwhile, I’ll paste in a photo of the root that I found.

Click here to view Perry via webcam.



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