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A member of the Interpreting the Fall Landscape course held in the Linnaeus Arboretum wrote a very clever piece of poetry that I thought appropriate to share.

Roses are red, and violets are blue,
I knew that already, but here’s something new.
Roses are white, yellow, and pink,
There are over 100 species, I think.
The flowers of the Arb are a beautiful sight to see,
Smelling those roses is an amazing thing to me.
The bees pollinate them, and they grow everywhere,
With any luck, they won’t get eaten by a hare.

The birds of Minnesota, they fly all around,
Occasionally, they come visit us on the ground.
The chickadee greets us with its unique song,
While the cry of the crow is ugly and long.
Robins, sparrows, finches, and hummingbirds,
Cardinals, turkeys, the number of them absurd!
These gorgeous creatures come around every day,
And I hope they never stop coming, I must say.

Rustling in the wind are the groves of endless trees
Nothing can be heard but their leaves against the breeze.
Their leaves are usually green, the color of spring,
But as fall approaches, they become red as a cardinal’s wing.
The cool weather brings change to the landscape, how beautiful it is,
The leaves fall off, but they’ll be back, and so the cycle continues.
Whether brown or white, green, or red, the bark protects the plant,
If the bark is stripped, the tree could die, shall we allow that? I say we can’t!
These trees bring life and beauty to the planet we live on,
Continue to appreciate them, or they could end up gone.

The Linnaeus Arboretum, is there a place any better?
You can enjoy something in that place, no matter what the weather.
Of course it helps to have a nice day,
Why would you want it any other way?
From the soybean fields and the mountain ash,
To the coniferous forest and the poison ivy patch.
This arboretum has it all, I never want to leave,
Is class already over? Hold on, I need to collect one more leaf.
I could spend an entire month here, all I need is a tent.
Heck, why not stay a full year, I won’t have to pay any rent.
I’ll stare at the clouds, and enjoy the sounds, this place is a wonder,
I’ll lay out here all day, unless I get hit with lightning and thunder.
The Arb of Gustavus, the best place on campus to go to.
Come check it out and stay a while, you’ll never want to go back to your dorm room.

– Brett Stanek ’11bstanek-large.jpg


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