Where’s Perry?

Posted on June 15th, 2007 by

The true answer to the question in the subject line is that Perry is lurking beneath the surface of the potting mix, preparing for another display of titanism.

A more accurate question would be: “Where’s the Perry Mummy?”

The answer: I detached the Perry Mummy today, since the stalk had completely senesced. Parts of it that were in contact with the potting mix were molding, so I plan to dry the Mummy out in my garage, and also perhaps place it in the sun for a while to help shut down the mold growth. The latter action will require shielding of the pigmented parts of the spathe to prevent photochemical bleaching of the pigments (a Perry Mummy salon treatment…).

The plan right now is to place the newly-preserved Mummy in view of the webcams, so as to maintain some visual interest as we await appearance of the leaf.

Two webcams for Perry remain active. Stay tuned for initiation of leaf growth.


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