The Dying of the Light…

Posted on May 19th, 2007 by

flower3-550-may-19-2007-916-pm.jpgI looked at the image of Perry from Webcam C a while ago, and was moved by it more than I would have expected – the light from one side and sea of darkness on the other were a bit much. It’s sad to see the collapse of the magnificent inflorescence that produced fascination and joy for so many people. On the other hand, the progressive collapse is the natural course – soon our Titan Arum will produce a beautiful new leaf, light will again be absorbed, and Perry will flower again.




  1. Cindy Johnson-Groh says:

    Alas… we knew it would come…
    Perry was
    a shooting star, effervescent, brilliant, modest and fleeting
    a good natured soul who touched so many folks
    a bouquet of grace, beauty and redolence
    we shall remember her/him with great joy and fondness

    As we incant his/her last rites
    we know that her/his spirit lives on and will arise again as a megaphyll
    resplendent in photosynthetic glory

    Ain’t nature grand?

    Rest in peace….

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks, Cindy. The megaphyll is incipient!