Perry is Still Available to His/Her Public

Posted on May 16th, 2007 by

Interest in visiting Perry has continued, and her/his still-living inflorescence is still highly impressive – quite well-preserved for an incipient corpse, I have to say. If you still want to view Perry, he/she may be observed through the greenhouse windows (which are in the hallway of the Nobel Hall of Science), and visitors are welcome.

Impromptu access to Perry inside of the greenhouse is a possibility if members of the Supreme Triad (Brian, Emily H., Cindy) happen to be available during your visit. Alex or Emily P. (or even Nick…) might also be around for providing access to the Perry-addicted. Brandy, too (I know that I didn’t ask you, Brandy, but…oh, well – I’m assuming that, as a transfixed Perryophile, you might occasionally be in the vicinity of the greenhouse).

Availability of the aforementioned tour guides will be hit-or-miss, since this is a busy time of the semester (final exams are about to start).

Here’s our current statement from the Perry web page:

“While public visitation and tours have officially ended for Perry, you can still see him/her through the greenhouse windows during normal building hours for Nobel Hall. We thank everyone for your time, interest, and support!”

Here are some links:

live streaming video with audio

three webcams (distant, top-down, and close) and Titan Arum web page

Amorphophallus titanum T-shirts


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