Most Recent Leaf of the Titan Arum

Posted on April 13th, 2007 by

Max&senescenttitanumleaf0306Max&titanumleaf070605 Max Leither and the latest leaf on our largest Amorphophallus titanum, July 6, 2005; Max and the senescent leaf, late March 2006.

See the Titan Arum webcam for a live look at the plant. The image is renewed at five-minute intervals.



  1. Philip says:

    Brian O’Brien, I am Philip from the OSM. I lost you Email though so I can’t send you this. So I am putting the address to the amorph_group here.

    I hope you see it. :)

  2. […] the most recent prior leaf to this one via the photo below (thanks to Nick Murray and Max Leither for acting as scale objects) – the current highly efficient solar antenna is much larger […]