Look for Horned Larks

Posted on March 12th, 2007 by

Right now is the best time of the year to see Horned Larks. These
birds of open country are the first birds to arrive back in MN in the
spring, with the first ones arriving in mid-February and sometimes as
early as the last week in January. Right now is the peak of their
spring migration. Driving any of the county roads and highways near
your house that border open country or farm fields, you will probably
see many of these birds. I was out briefly yesterday afternoon and
counted well over 100 between St. Peter and Le Sueur. When driving in
open country, if you see a little brown bird fly from the side of the
road, it is most likely a Horned Lark. With luck, the bird will land
again nearby, either back a few feet in the field or farther up the
road, and you will be able to study its features more clearly. Close
up it is actually quite a beautiful bird.

I have included a link to view a photo of the bird:


The “Horned” part of its name comes from the tufts of feathers on its
crown (the top of its head). Also, if you listen carefully, you might
be able to hear its high-pitched, tinkling courtship song given in

Good birding!
(Robert Dunlap)


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